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On the tour we pass through different habitats of the Andes, cloud forest and lowland rainforest. In Manu you have the best opportunities to observe wildlife on the trails or along the Manu, Madre de Dios and Blanco Rivers.
hiking peru:Looking for Giant Otters from the Catamaran You have the chance to see the Giant Otters (Pteronura brasiliensis) in oxbow-lakes, Black and White Caimans (Melanosuchus niger, Caiman crocodylus), Harpy Eagles (Harpia harpyja), Jaguar, Giant Anteaters, Collared Peccaries, Tapirs (Tapirus terrestris), Capybaras, deer, 13 species of monkeys, Toucans (10 species), Macaws (7 species), Storks and an incredible number of other colorful birds.hiking peru
An exciting itinerary for the adventurous: Traveling by balsa raft down the Alto Madre de Dios River. We build a raft and float quietly down the river giving us a great opportunity to see wildlife. See our itinerary. on the balsa raft. Trekking with children â?? please contact us for details.
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